SEATARA, which opened in 2004 in the prestigious Sea and Sun complex, offers a spectacular view of the Tel Aviv coastline, which serves as an inspiration for most of the restaurant's menu. An international-level culinary experience is complemented with quality entertainment in a pleasant setting that integrates a sophisticated European atmosphere with a Mediterranean-Israeli one.


The restaurant offers a menu reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with a distinct emphasis on fish and seafood, adapted to any hour of the day and prepared from choice, fresh and quality raw materials that have been carefully selected. At noon we offer a selection of business lunches with specials, and for a sunset dinner, the varied menu includes a first course, entrées and a quality sushi menu. The culinary experience is completed with fine wines from SEATARA's excellent wine cellar, which offers an impressive selection of wines and champagnes from Israel and around the world, and a variety of invigorating cocktails. 


The restaurant overlooks the beach and features a beautifully kept interior space, a separate lounge area, a private functions room with personal service, a private bar and an outdoor terrace facing the seashore.